Visitor is the stereo image Rorschach space mesa rock statement of Gram Baldwin (Thieves, Bloodwall), Andypants, (Myrrh, Mother of Fire) and Jeffrey Rocketmild (The Sperm, 3 Moons, etc).  Different crushing tidal waves of rhythmic guitar chords issue forth in tandem from Gram's two independent amp systems, making it difficult to ascertain the actual number of guitar players which surprisingly is one.  A monolithic slab of earth gives way quaking under the pounding of double drum kit bashing with the gravity bending waves, then pauses to serenely contemplate the hideous damage done, before concluding that it is never finished, and indeed must continue.  Someone spiked Neil Young's tequila with acid, and the blood is in his teeth.  Perfect for long highway trips through Utah or Saturn's truck stops. This C-62 comes with dream machine template screen printed in gold metallic ink onto unexposed photo paper which gradually exposes to white. $6



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