"ASTRONOMY OF DREAMS" LP - GREAT REVIEWS from Inb4track AND [sic] Magazine!

"3 Moons’ Astronomy Of Dreams is no vague horoscope or zen Themic balance, however, for its deep ley lines intersect on the paths of myth, religion and the cosmos. Slo-mo space-rocker “Nazi Zuni Lulu Annunaki”, for example, is a hodgepodge of Mesopotamian deities and First Nation imagery, its creeping retro-futurist synth playing off against buzzing low-end. The well-travelled “Snake From Blood To Sky IV”, too, is all over the temporal map, solemn piano providing stability to the misfiring and foreboding electronics, the doomed combination conjuring the band playing on as the Titanic sinks – except this ship’s a hovercraft and it’s being overrun with Sentinel squid." - Gannon @ [sic] Magazine


"It would appear that blues music has seen its final day long ago but in fact it is still very much alive, just in a different form and 3 Moons makes that apparent on this LP. On ‘Astronomy of Dreams’ the blues are infused with an array of syrupy psychedelic atmosphere. Traditional structure takes a back seat in favor of more prog forward, slow moving free form jams that build with cosmic intensity."



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