"7 Planets 7 Days" at Human Resources, Los Angeles, April 2014

3 Moons performed live as the house orchestra for a series of ceremonial invocations of the Planetary Rulers (and namesakes) of the days of the week.  These ritual acts were worked by Ossian and La Porsha Winningham for Moon (Monday), Mars (Tuesday), and Mercury (Wednesday) on April 14, 15 and 16, respectively at Human Resources Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles.  Each night the music performed alongside their dramatic theatrical performances corresponded to scales and modes associated with these daily planetary forces by ancient Greek musical philosopher-mystics such as Pythagoreas, Aristides, Quintilianus, and Ptolemy. According these esteemed teachers, each of the planets our weekdays are named after corresond to musical "modes", which are like scales. Modes differ from scales in that it is the interval between each of the pitches that determine the mode. In other words it is a set of intervals between notes. So any of the modes can be played with any pitch as the root note. The root notes selected correspond to the properties of the governing planet, according to greek magical tradition. Each of the modes were known for their ability to strongly induce different feelings and states of awareness, such as, calm, violence, mystery, courage, libido, etc. Each planet and mode also have a long list of interdisciplinary correspondences such as colors, tarot keys, ritual events, virtues, hours, periodic elements, sexual positions, and out of body realms. It was with this in mind that 3 Moons composed the framework for improvisations for each of the invokations

Monday / Moon / White / Hypodorian:

Mars / Tuesday / Red / Phrygian:

Mercury / Wednesday / Silver / Hypophrygian:


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