3 Moons lived and traveled in an old Ford Chinook Motorhome from March 2013 to January 2014. We crossed many rivers, borders, deserts, oceans, forests, plains, mountains, and skies.  From Washinton State, the many worlds of California, down into Mexico, across the Great Plains, and back along this wide circle several times over.  With our "Rolling Infusion Apothecary" in tow,  our guitars, horns, rhodes piano, and electronics, and Ratchet-tone to guide us, we had an amazing, year long adventure.  Many thanks to all the many friends, allies, and accomplices that contributed in innumerable ways to this project.  Also thanks to "Triple A".  We penetrated the Lodge of the Black Butterfly, and humbled ourselves in the Sanctuary of the Sunwomb.  Now we will rest thankfully in the Ice-Blue Heart Crystal of Minneapolis, MN for the winter months.  Over the long miles we compiled a few live recordings, as partly evidenced by this new tape cassette release "REMOTE CONTROL SPHINX".  RCS is a representation of the "instrumental" quasi-improvisational side of our live sets from this tour, and includes recordings from some of the shows, a live-in-studio radio broadcast, a privately performed solo improvisation, and a spontaneous basement collaboration.  All the material was recorded "live" by stereo condensers except the live broadcast (which if you must know utilized 4 sm58s), and it is all "instrumental".  We are looking forward to finishing our studio album "Astronomy of Dreams"  this winter which features the songs we have been singing on this trip and some brand new ones as well.


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