AVAILIBLE NOW FROM LIGHTEN UP SOUNDS ... "Let yourself drown. Visitor have established themselves around Minneapolis as an undeniable powerhouse, with their singular brand of pounding riff worship and massive double drummer attack. Featuring Andie Mazorol (Myrrh, Mother Of Fire), Graham Baldwin (Bloodwall, 2208), and Jefferson Zurna (3 Moons, Gili Gili Men). Gigantic guitar wash and crunch, waves of echo and relentless pummeling rhythm. Have no fear, this is NOT bass laden drone bore, but crushing and deeply psychedelic doom rock anthems of the highest order. Two heavy side-long improv monoliths for these frightening modern days. Real time duplicated black shell cassette with black and brown labels comes packed in double sided fold out J-card featuring antique sepia tone photograph in a clear Norelco case. Like the ocean."


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