RADIO 1 / RADIO 2 is out now on LIGHTEN UP SOUNDS!


"Doozie pair of sessions here. Three Walls is a collaborative duo project between Jefferson Zurna (3 Moons, Hermetic Trio, The Alters) and Graham Baldwin (Bloodwall, Visitor, Theives) laying down pulsing static and noxious fumes. Released collaboratively with 2208 tapes, these slabs of long form abstract improv are like a heavily medicated walkie-talkie party packed into a small dark closet. Wave after wave of reeking weatherband gurgle and the soft luminescence of liquid slowly evaporating into invisible vapor. Real time duplicated cassette made available in two versions, both packaged with a double sided hand numbered card stock J-card featuring the iconic Three Walls parallelogram logo on a stark bright white field. 20 copies available as opaque white shell C62 cassettes, 20 copies available as translucent red shell C60 cassettes. Both editions come with matching black and white labels in a clear Norelco case. Ideal accompaniment for attempted loss of consciousness or a nonchalant trudge through knee deep molasses." -LIGHTEN UP SOUNDS


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