these are the holy hours
I send you the emanations anew

in Ignorance, grief & knowledge
I offer my prayer
a solemn solace

despite grueling eternities
offer thoughtful prayer within
a concentrated outward thought
to develop 

powerful new realities

Financial Eye

impediment of the doom cycle
to crack open 
the financial eye

cycles expressed
on black and raining military fog figure
behind surprising wet flesh

Adam centers the Tombstone
in poison shadow (coyote number)
to smash the extracted wheel

Wheel of shadow 
reveal vibrating mirage
potent SPINNING wheels of shadow

the lights light the light of the living life

and the undiscovered eye forms around the star!
the seeping active knowledge reaches 

exploding out bubbling Divine & screaming stone
fully feels eyes of awesome blaring life

To the LARGE white toads inside the child blathering evil
nimbus says Cosmos embedded RHEMA in the graven schizophrenic judgment bag

O to the seed preceding The holy Light so FREE!
explosions of the the sky bank
key station SEX
the bright united High abyss

and yet another fact the fake wizards possessed through YOUR resplendent Face
while death surgeons supp the death wafer a trillion degrees infinite of telescopic midnight

full mind breathing Cryptic mammalian plan for the inner gift 
as chemical whirlpool weapon shaves your nightly blood flesh
water witch
fading among the internal bloodsky
which wields the Music

perceive noise chain dream
forgotten immortal covered in holy truth
present across the solistic Reverberations
body home 
and the CRYSTAL mind
you tune

to transmit the eternal nation's Laws

O realm, seed, zenith, lurching worse than DEATH
mouths the real ghost “was the room aware?”

To alter the Museum forever.

night air next


A slender, resplendent, cosmic Elf-Santa
in golden robes rides Haley's Comet
with his bag of gifts
among them
The Broken Circle of Absolutism
and other lessons

much to big for your tombstone


On the sleeping pill, we are dancing in the slaughterhouse, the bath grotto, cathedral grove, organs of the state, at the train stop, mass murder on the courthouse lawn, the yard outside. The Liberty Dawn’s Golden Lights of Morning Love, shining lights into the window striking golden trumpets slowly pouring blood from their bells, their harmonies are radiant hearts of golden sunshine reflected onto bloody brass. Grapes, Volcanoes, Pterodactyls

I am Him Whose Name Was Writ In Water.

Jazz Poem
a ghostly message among the drums
jobless men sleepwalk the barren fields
burning music to keep warm
on the human radio

Piano rains on the windshield
wet black street becomes a mirror
& the rainy wind blows
yes, the city is a funny place

bass below is throbbing hearts of throngs
dreams & desire
human rights above wrongs
drums the brain-clock
splashed glass refracts
passing neon cigar stores and moonlit bars
bus stop snare shot
city lights twinkle notes of piano rain
glass splashed by the dreams of the past
street mirror in rear view
shows the city upside down
yes its a circus of death and laughs

trumpet is the wind in the mask of the revealer
Gabriel in drag
on the corner flying colored flags

the tired and the true speak the unspeakable song
to which time belongs
so far out its in
so far in it begins
ringing the city air like a foggy gong

the note in the corner hangs a strange right
stranger in the jaywalk jags inside
the spectrum makes way
and buries the day
in clouds of piano rain refracting
moonlit vision
almost too miraculous to be played

as night was called a day
the city night was eternal twilight
with telescopic music in all directions
as the street mirror moon soon sang
a new song on city blocks

over the hill the sun sometimes
rose and rang
the moon blooming
like a green light on mirrored streets
at night in the sonic sky

wet and black
sky star & brass
piano rain song splashed
among glass refractions

driving, but far away
sailing the boat that sails for years
fiddle blood ivory and bow
African trees, elephant tears
on the streets of San Francisco

temple bells
and the sacrificial skins of goats
vibrating spells
into the smoggy American air
full of piano ghosts

back East
in spiral staircase
face the haunted church
and the God-damned
burning cross

the singing blood
metal chimes of melted guns
melted souls and Detroit steel
rivers of hot metal blood and fire
grief and knowledge

shifting organ chords scintillate the foggy air
in tremolo temperatures cycling the hues of vision
black to blue
Squiggled lines out the horn
bending like flying snakes...

sticks snapping because the wind is pure math
leaves follow math angles in the wind to the ground
while ambient air snakes take wing out the bell of the sax
and trace un-numbered grace like curves in all dimensions

Feathered serpents with eyes of burning emerald
spiral out of their horns tracing un-mappable paths
across the grid-world then into the dream

to the outside everything would seem plain enough
but interior is phantasmagorical fantasia
of arpeggiating crescendos and spirit vision
crashing waves of elation and bliss

the faces striate and become triangular
behind pink ferns the spirits blow life into the air

The bell speaks
what the reed reads
& the ear believes

Leprechauns jumping on the keys in fast forward
while Giants pound the bass drums in rewind
altering chords by inspection from another angle
Eagle eye fluorescing in the sonic wind
turning the holographic sound inside out
in hyperspeed propelled by manic pain
to search out Atlantis

I build the lost city in my skull of skulls
brick by brick in hyperspeed
propelled by manic pain
as eternity passes momentarily
Interlocking tessellations of tone code
instruct the sentient architecture
self assembling indestructible temple
mind out of time
magnifying orders of intelligence beyond imagination
consonant harmonic scriptural elemental sound
in spontaneous crystallization
the lost city appears
levitating above the abyss

To sleep in the living river of sound
the river magnetized by dint of a magic spell
to dream far outside of words
to awake in pure enigmatic harmony
to dissolve in the fountain of peace
to die in the eternal giving of life
to continue the propulsive propulsions of music
transgressing concentric spheres of context
from acoustic to psycho-acoustic
to mystic and beyond
sustained successions
of metamorphic energetic forms emerge
forever ancient yet individually unique

the music is psychic iron and steel
Tape hiss and bass plucks as distant piano creeps
wavering bass string with a consonant cymbal
piano tides arrive consume the sphere

Slow floating brush on the spherical snare
bass laid back walking in the moonshade
piano chromatics drift
faint as jasmine hinted breezes
from across the lake

body language sentence the cloud speaks

sky-strings dark behind the branches
vibrating moon mirage between
water waves reflected
on the face of the deep

bass of elegant spirit cursive in the longwave air
tumbling like smoke from the lips of Venus

vibes like ice across the top
two keys hovering in tight oscillation
while the band zigzags steadily advancing below
waves of knowledge emanating
trumpet soars like a cool blue seagull
with the perfect pace
the song is an ecosystem

the song will turn its gesture to reveal new facets
of similar awareness, proof of impossible shapes
jeweled thoughts, normally inaccessible
deepest inner realities made audible in the room


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