impediment of the doom cycle
to crack open the financial eye

Yet another fake fact repossessed through YOUR resplendent Face
while death surgeons supp the death wafer a trillion degrees infinite of telescopic midnight

cycles expressed
on black and raining military fog figure
behind surprising wet flesh
might I ask?

to unshadow the shadow
The HORSE the dunce
the crime of the clown

the climate of the broken
the LIFE that holds
the streak of keys to aid
the 17 philosophical
memories of God

Daddy to mime lock?
The clone church does.

infused gut source cannot reveal vibrating mirage

obliged we crumble potent SPINNING wheels of shadow repeatedly
the lights light the light of the lights

and the undiscovered eye forms around the star
the seeping active knowledge reaches
King action of active costume Religion

force IMAGE Seed TV
exploding out with All TERROR bubbling Divine
& screaming stone
fully feels eyes of awesome blaring life

To the toads inside the child blathering evil

with wild
explosions of the the sky bank

nimbus says Cosmos embedded RHEMA in the graven schizophrenic judgment bag

O to the seed preceding The holy Light so FREE!
full mind breathing Cryptic mammalian plan for the inner gift

key station SEX
the bright united High abyss

the relative Sun comes breathing undreamed obscenity
they mimic the dark flash ERASER
crumbling facades with extension hats in the political sky
I orbit angular of perpendicular rules

(Gift Horse hung heavy with evil commercials.
From the evil TOWER, her chemical whirlpool
shaves your nightly blood flesh.)
beneath the vicious surveillance you image 14 descending dimensions
to expose the Gospel Portal
fading among the internal bloodsky which wields the Music

perceive noise chain dream
despite forgotten immortal covered in holy truth
present across the incanted reverberations
body home you hone

to transmit the eternal nation's Laws

You eating beneath Remover's murder wall?
Gerber dance would sophisticate the Illumination of the Father LODGE
O realm, seed, zenith, lurching worse than DEATH

mouths the real ghost “was the room aware?”
To alter the Museum forever.

night air next


A slender, resplendent, cosmic Elf-Santa
in golden robes rides Haley's Comet
with his bag of gifts
among them
The Broken Circle of Absolutism
and other lessons

much to big for your tombstone


a beginning, those bells ring?
you desire infinite dimension

Sanity in the Womb of Night dances around the garden green. Hearts through the Eye by the light of the recipient, in deep intuition transmitting a work received through prayer.

(Green and black and yellow and white) Broken Scarecrow, bathe them in characters of fire. Spirit motion of insect totem cross. Messenger of fact astonishing in the Vast. I begin to extend, and see into a sleeping head like part of forces knives.

My hair therapist pilgrimage alphabets float sacrifice to the altar of the wisdom eye.

Inhale blue fields above and below the Hexagon Pool.


ancient flower
I am the silence of Death


On the sleeping pill, we are dancing in the slaughterhouse, the bath grotto, cathedral grove, organs of the state, at the train stop, mass murder on the courthouse lawn, the yard outside. The Liberty Dawn’s Golden Lights of Morning Love, shining lights into the window striking golden trumpets slowly pouring blood from their bells, their harmonies are radiant hearts of golden sunshine reflected onto bloody brass. Grapes, Volcanoes, Pterodactyls

I am Him Whose Name Was Writ In Water.


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